What is a Campanile?


cam·pa·ni·le(kăm’pə-nē’lē)A bell tower, especially one near but not attached to a church or other public building.

This blog is named for the Robert Karam Campanile, the bell tower at the center of the campus, around which so much of UMass Dartmouth’s teaching, learning and discovery occurs.

Campus architect Paul Rudolph felt strongly that the Campanile would be an important structure that added to the aesthetic appeal of the campus. It is a focal point that enforces many of the lines, angles, and other visual cues found on all the buildings here.

Today, the Campanile chimes ring throughout the day and on Commencement day signal the entrance of the procession into and out of the amphitheater. The tower also supports critical campus and region-wide communications technology, including the antenna and transmitter WUMD-FM (89.3) the university’s 10,000-watt radio station.

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