Umass Dartmouth Students on the Front Lines of Sustainability Reporting

In a recently published blog post by Triple, Universities Embrace GRI Sustainability Reporting, Umass Dartmouth was the featured as the front runner of universities participating in GRI Sustainability Reporting. More interestingly, Umass Dartmouth students enrolled in the Charlton College of Business MBA program completed the GRI report under the guidance of professor Adam Sulkowski.

This is not the first time the University has been recognized for its leadership in sustainability reporting. Last year, Umass Dartmouth was the first University, world wide, that released an A-level sustainability report that met the specific GRI’s G3 guidelines. This year, the University is only one of five universities that reported on the GRI website.

The students were encouraged to study the GRI report compiled by GE as a guideline for a successful GRI Sustainability report. From there, students were encouraged to dig deep into the sustainability indicators of the University. By the end of the process, the class, along with Net Impact members (a network of students and professionals dedicated to using business for a positive economic, environmental and social impact), was able to compile a total of 72 metric indicators.

Creating this report provides students with a numerous amount of marketable skills once they graduate, according to the Triple Pundit post. Several students involved in the project have seen the payoff of contributing to the dynamic report. According to the post, “One MBA student is in advanced stages of job interviews for a position in which she would be accountable for a major corporation’s production of a sustainability report that is GRI-compliant. Three students have [also] secured positions in jobs related to sustainability, with one launching an alternative energy business.”

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