UMD Professor Publishes Tales of America’s Notorious


If you’ve taken English 101 at UMass Dartmouth, there is a chance J. North Conway taught you how to use the correct MLA writing style. And he should know.

In addition to being a dedicated lecturer at UMass Dartmouth, Conway is noted for his book King of Heists, based on the greatest bank robbery in American history. It follows the story of George Leslie who is credited with conducting 80 percent of bank robberies in the country from 1869-1978. The book has received rave reviews and was chosen as a finalist for the 2009 Book of the Year Award by ForeWord, named one of the top five books of Summer 2009 by Reader’s Digest, and was selected as recommended reading by the Barnes & noble Book Club.

Most recently, Conway finished The Big Policeman, a reprise to King of Heists. However, instead of following known robber, Leslie, The Big Policeman follows the remarkable career of “America’s First, Most Ruthless, and Greatest Detective,” Thomas Byrnes. Byrnes is recognized for solving high -profile cases such as capturing Manhattan’s Jack the Ripper copy-cat killer, and solving the mystery behind George Leslie’s most famous bank heist, as explained in Conway’s previous book.

Conway is the author of 11 books,  eight of which are non-fiction.  His literary accomplishments also include a number of poems published in a variety of literary journals and anthologies. He has also had several articles published in well know publications such as Cape Cod Life and Encyclopedia of New England. Conway’s experience extends over 20 years, including his time working as a newspaper reporter and editor as publications such as The Taunton Daily Gazette, The Providence Journal, The Waltham Daily News, and The Attleboro Sun.

Conway has no intention on stopping here. He will soon be working on his third edition to the Leslie/ Byrne story.

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