Cripps makes impact with Net Impact


About two years ago, Kaisa Holloway Cripps decided to pursue her MBA at UMass Dartmouth’s Charlton College of Business in hopes to further her career in journalism and publishing. It was during one of her core business classes that the concept of sustainability was introduced to her and changed her life through Net Impact, a network of students and professionals sharing a commitment to advancing sustainable business practices.

Kaisia recalls “I had heard of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability before, and liked the idea of using business for positive change. But to be honest, I never considered it a career option”.  After joining the Umass Dartmouth chapter of Net Impact, one of 270 chapters world-wide and ranked in the top 25, Cripps soon became the membership coordinator, and then found herself planning chapter-wide activities.

Her dedication and drive were soon recognized by the advisor of the organization, Marketing Professor Adam Sulkowski. Most recently, Cripps and Sulkowski have begun working to build the academic profile of  sustainability. Currently, a minor in sustainability for undergraduates is available, but Cripps and other students and faculty are building a case for a Master’s in Sustainable Development. “We wanted to look beyond just the business program, and really make sustainability beneficial for every functional college and department,” she said.

No longer a student at the University, Cripps is still very involved in the community at UMass. Currently Kaisa is the full-time Special Projects Analyst within UMass Dartmouth’s Office of Sustainability. Beyond this, Cripps hopes to pursue a PhD and eventually become a business school administrator and continue to inject the principles of sustainability into the global business community.

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