Cricket Club Wins Big Recognition at UMD


While most UMass Dartmouth students were home this summer, the UMass Dartmouth Cricket Club was hard at work. The group of 30 spent a majority of their summer practicing and preparing to make a little history. This was the first year that the UMass Dartmouth Cricket Club participated in the Massachusetts State Cricket League.

The team is part of the Division Three league, which consists of 12 other teams from Massachusetts. The UMD squad was undefeated until the playoffs which ended in mid-September. In a close game, the Cricket Club fell short of victory by only a few points during the semi-finals.

The Cricket Club plays regularly at both on and off-campus locations. Its main mission is to encourage and support Cricket within the University. Beyond this, the club works to promote Cricket as a culture and emphasize its tradition as it exists across cultures. The group encourages students from different countries to participate in Cricket and recognize it as a sport that has no borders. The goal is to express a  message of friendship and unity through the existence of the organization.  The group is open to all students who have interest in cricket.

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